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Copernic Search Server is an enterprise search engine running on a Windows Server or PC. It creates a central index for all your files & documents stored on that server. It uses the powerful Copernic search technology to create a map of keywords, a shared index. The server index is accessible using the Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise client, which in turn allows you to search the server index as well as a local index.

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Enterprise search for your business

Adding an enterprise search solution to your employees daily routine is a simple task with Copernic. Download the installation file, configure your file sources and Copernic will scan your server and create your index in real-time. Once the initial indexing is processing, simply insert the server name or IP address inside the client and your employees will start getting results in a matter of minutes.

In no time, you can rollout an intuitive and award-winning search experience to your employees with all the functionality they expect without paying thousands of dollars.

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Finding your most relevant data has never been easier & faster.

Copernic Search Server is an award-winning enterprise search solution for Windows that finds all your business content (files, documents & emails) stored on a shared server!

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Over 150 file types

The search engine allows to index more than 150 file types. You can even add more unsupported file types and the file name will be index. As it is the enterprise version, you get the most used file types such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, PDF and many more.

Search as you type

Start getting results as soon as you start typing in the search bar. Search results will appear in the preview pane. When you found that file, simply double-click on it and the native application will start.

Search everywhere

The power of Copernic Search Server allows you to search truly everywhere, across every drive on your local PC or server. When installing Copernic Search Server, the user will be able to easily switch between the local index and the server index in one simple click. Stop being slowed down by Window’s default search engine as you need to select one drive at a time, Copernic will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Refine fields

The refine pane on the left of the interface allows a user to truly dig deep into your business content and retreive exactly what you're looking for. Truly customize your search experience by adding or remove criterias linked with each search category.

Contextual menus

Right-click on any file in the preview pane and immediately see the file's context menu. From there act on your files, documents or emails.

Search operators

Copernic Search Server fully support Bolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT, NEAR and much more. Also, the search bar uses a prefix search architecture. Therefore, it finds words beginning with a given prefix (keyword).

Low computer resources

Our solution has the lowest memory footprint and server resource usage in the Enterprise Search industry.

All these features for an enterprise search?

Yes, with Copernic Search Technology, it is possible!

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Nice Features

Search the entire server
from our easy-to-use interface.

Instantly find
any file you need

Launch Copernic with a quick
keyboard command (Press CTRL twice).

Copy or move files to
any folder from any folder

Right-click any search result
to open the Window contextual menu.

Open any search result in its
native application from the preview pane.

Faster searching speed

Install it, build the index and start finding your files, emails & documents instantly.

Install it without any help

To install it, you do not need any help from your IT or their approval.

Keep your information private

We do NOT collect any data. You can even activate it without being connected to the internet.

Become an expert in no time.

With our Quick Start Guide that will explain how to use our easy-to-interface, you will become a search expert.

Dedicated support

We have a dedicated team to answer any of your questions.

Best & affordable Enterprise Search

Copernic Search Server is the best afforable entreprise search solution as it allows you to fully-customize your search experience to find your business content in one unique interface. That way, you can get back to your work and stay productive.

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