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Copernic Search Server

Multiple users. One Index.

Fully integrated for your business.

Unlimited number of files, docs, emails.

Support included

Copernic Search Server provides a fast and easy to install search platform
that can aggregate and search data from your business server. It is best
suited for small businesses such as legal firms, construction and professionals.

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Copernic Search Server Client

Server Search Engine

Every employee need to be able to find documents rapidly to stay productive. With Copernic, they can search within your business server to find documents, images, files, PDFs & emails. Every employee will become an expert in no time with the award-winning user interface. It is truly the best search solution for your business and to empower your employees.


Confidentiality & Privacy

Since its beginning, Copernic values privacy and this engagement continue with our new product. As it was the case with Copernic Desktop Search, we do NOT collect any data or track any keywords. This solution can even be used on a network without any internet connection.


Focuses on performance

Our solution focus is to keep the load on your network as minimal as possible. By keeping a centralized index, all your data is indexed only once and each employee accesses the same index. Increasing your productivity, with information at your fingertips. Our solution has the lowest memory footprint, load on the network and server resource usage on the market.


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There is a high cost in not finding information.

"19.8% of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively,” - according to Interac

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Employees will save time

According to IDC, employees spend between 2 to 4 hours per week searching for documents to do their job. Copernic's award-winning interface is now available to allow employees to search through your corporate documents. Copernic Search Server is the perfect business-wide search engine to help your employees stay productive.

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Searches everthing , everywhere!

With over 150 file types supported, Copernic searches inside emails, files, attachments, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations & images across almost everything stored on your file server. With the centralized index, shared to all users, turn information into results with Copernic Search Server!

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Get your data secured

Copernic Search Server will simplify your employee's life by allowing all of them to search any documents on your file server. But be reassured, Copernic ensures content security, so people only see what they should see. 

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Unify your business ecosystem

By simply using a quick drop-down inside the interface, easily switching your searches between a local index and the shared index on a file server. It will allow your team to find documents, files, PDFs and more, instantly.

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Get to know your IT guy

Installing Copernic Search Server requires your IT team. Don't worry it is very simple to install and deploy. If you buy your IT person a coffee, by the time he/she is done, Copernic will be installed and ready to roll.  

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Configure the Server

On the server, use the options page (Tools > Options...) to configure the sources to index. All the options you will need are going to be inside the Files and Indexing & Performance options.

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Configure the Client

In the client's configuration, locate the "Index server location" in the options pane (Tools > Options... > Indexing & Performance) and configure the address of the file server. You can also use the GPO to push the configuration to all the clients.

Perform Searches on employees' computers

Use the Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise version to perform local searches and searches on the server. The server search will launch queries on the server side using the Copernic Search Server' index.

Copernic Search Server Performance

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