As an eductional & government organization, you are entitled to a 30% discount on the listed price. Buy any Copernic's product for your institution. We’ve made it easy for governments, schools and universities to make volume purchases. Send us an email to to confirm your eligibility.

Copernic Desktop Search - Volume discounts

Each computer requires a license. Technical support and minor updates are always included. Major upgrades are not included. However, when we release a new major version, previous license holders get an upgrade discount. The licensing fee is a one-time fee.

# of licenses Price per license
1-2 $49.95
3-9 $44.95
10-24 $39.95
25-49 $34.95
50-99 $29.95
100-199 $24.95
200 and more $19.95

Copernic Search Server - Volume discounts

Each user requires a license for Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise. Currently, only one server can be connected. With each volume licensing, it comes with a server license for one server. Technical support, minor updates and major upgrades are always included. The licensing fee is a subscription fee.

# of licenses Price per license
Up to 3 licenses 600$/year
Up to 9 licenses 1,000$/year
Up to 29 licenses 1,500$/year
Up to 59 licenses 2,000$/year
Up to 99 licenses 2,500$/year
100 and more 3,000$/year