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Copernic Desktop Search 6

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What's new in version 6?

The new Version 6, scheduled for early January 2017, will be a major upgrade with countless improvements, but it focuses primarily on making everything even easier to use and more efficient than ever before. The pre-order price is 24.97 USD.

Copernic's Product Manager proudly states: "Copernic Desktop Search will be the only tool you need for searching your computer for files & emails that truly understands you. We have gone through every feature and optimized them to make it a great product even better. Existing users will feel at home immediately with better performance and even a smoother search experience."

Copernic Desktop Search 6 is fully compatible for Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, 7.
The pre-order price is 24.97 USD.

Version 6
Improved user-interface Full
3 new languages: Mandarin, Russian and Italian Full
Microsoft® OneNote documents indexation Full
Lotus Notes Version 9 support Full
E-book support (.epub files) Full
Microsoft® Outlook archive file support when the PST file is outside of Outlook Full
Improved search experience Full
Added a relevance sorting option Full
Added intelligence inside the indexation process Full
Preview improvement for PDF files Full
Improved Microsoft® Outlook indexation Full
Compiled version in 64-bits Full
Added a refinement criteria for documents in attachments Full

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