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Why do I get an error with the file ntdll.dll? Otherwise, the causes of ...
Otherwise, the causes of ntdll.dll error messages can vary greatly. However, most ntdll.dll errors result from a corrupt or damaged version of the ntdll.dll file itself, corrupt hardware drivers, or issues between Windows and other programs.

Possible solution:

  1. If the ntdll.dll error only displays when you use Copernic Desktop Search, uninstall our software, reboot your computer, and then install the latest version again from scratch.
  2. Selectively disable Internet Explorer add-ons. If your ntdll.dll error is displaying when you start, run, or close Internet Explorer, an add-on may be causing the problem. Disabling each add-on, one by one, will determine which add-on is the culprit (if any).
  3. Perform a repair installation of Windows XP. If individual software reinstallations fail to resolve the problem, a repair installation of Windows will replace the ntdll.dll file. Remember to install all Windows service packs and other patches after this installation.
  4. Ntdll.dll errors could occur if you have an Iomega Zip drive on the same IDE cable as the hard drive inside your computer. If so, move the Zip drive to a dedicated IDE controller.