Discover the best Windows desktop search solution

There are few desktop search solutions on the market that offer the depth, relevance and context that Copernic’s Desktop Search can provide. It’s one thing to conduct fast searches. It’s a whole other ballgame finding exactly what you’re looking for.






Benefits of Copernic’s Desktop Search

Easy to install and use

No IT experience required! Simply install our application and read our guides! With Copernic’s intuitive interface, you’ll be up-and-searching in no time flat.

Leverage powerful indexing technology

Thanks to Copernic’s advanced keyword map (index), unlock a wealth of information that is currently buried in your PC. We support over 170 file extensions and 11 languages!

Use an ultra-fast search engine

Once you have built your index in just a few steps, Copernic will immediately display search results that are the most aligned with your keyword search.

Safeguard your information

Copernic does NOT collect any data. You can rest assured knowing all of your information is secure and cannot be access by any third party.

Search offline

Not connected to the Internet? Not a problem! You can still use Copernic to search through emails, files and documents that are hosted on your desktop.