About us

Learn more about how Copernic became one of
the leading desktop and business search tools in the world.

There is literally nothing Copernic can’t find.

Join thousands of users worldwide as they use Copernic’s powerful and proven search solutions to hunt down those ever-elusive files they need to get their jobs done. Copernic matches professionals with the information they need, right when they need it.

Our history

Founded in 1996 as the Internet was just starting to flourish, Copernic paved the way to what search technology is today. Copernic’s vision has always been to help people find exactly the files or data they need, regardless of whether they are on the web, on a computer or on a business server. Over the years, our solutions evolved, garnering rave reviews and rewards from top technology experts everywhere

In 2010, Copernic became a subsidiary of Harris Computer Corporation, which is a part of Constellation Software Incorporated, a Toronto-based provider of software and services to various public and private sector markets.

Copernic today

Copernic remains the first desktop and enterprise search choice in the market. Our success resides on how we continue to develop search solutions that resolve real-world problems that are critical for business growth and personal achievement.

Copernic’s team will never stop until that last file can be found.