Business Server Search solution

A trusted business server search solution for any industry

Faster business searches begin—and end—with Copernic

Adding a business search solution for your team, department or across your company boosts your employees’ productivity. But did you know that Copernic’s Business Server Search can allow you to easily roll out an elevated search experience—with maximum functionality and at a fraction of the cost of other, more complex search products?


Benefits from Copernic’s Business Server Search

Easy to install and use

Your IT department won’t be taxed with hours-long implementation and setup. Simply download the Windows installation file and configure your file sources. You can build indexes specific to teams and departments—all while respecting permissions and confidential information. Copernic’s team remains available for any questions you may have.

Leverage powerful indexing technology

Thanks to Copernic’s advanced keyword map (index), give employees the tools they need to find all types of business information that is currently buried in shared servers, whether they be text documents, multimedia files, emails, cloud data, and more.

Use an ultra-fast search engine

Once the index is built, Copernic will immediately display search results that are the most aligned with employees’ keyword searches. Copernic also optimizes computer resources to ensure minimal slowdowns on your network, no matter how many searches are being conducted at any given time.

Safeguard your information

Copernic does NOT collect any data. You can rest assured knowing all of your information is secure and cannot be access by any third party. What’s more: Copernic’s security architecture uses your Windows default access rights. You remain in complete control of who accesses what type of business-critical data.

Search offline

Are your users not always connected to the Internet? Not a problem! They can still Copernic’s Business Server Search to mine emails, files and documents that are hosted on their desktops. The interface and process are the same, whether they search their PCs or on your company servers.