Access Rights

How access rights work with Copernic Search Server?

Access rights are a key component of the Copernic Search Server security architecture. Since it uses the default Windows Access Rights already set up in your architecture, you do not have to worry about a thing. Copernic Search Server will enforce authorized users, groups, and computers to access data in the server index.

Permission enable users to only access the files he has access to. By installing Copernic Search Server on your network, it directly replicates the default access rights already available. There is not an extra level of management to do as it respects what you already have in place.

Enterprise-Wide rights

With Copernic Search Server every employee enjoys from the knowledge accumulated within the company and can search for information across the enterprise in record time!

Privacy Policy

Most organization wants to keep their data private. We get that and we do not track any of the keywords you search, we do not see any of the documents you index. It is truly a private enterprise search engine.

Offline activation

Your team is working in a closed environment without a connection to the outside world. No problem! Contact us to get your licenses activated offline. It's included.


The Copernic Search Server finds e-mails, documents, images, PDFs, and much more throughout your network instantly. Each employee needs to install the client to connect to the central index saved on the server. The beauty of this architecture allows each user to have a local index for his personal data and switch easily using a drop-down menu to connect to the server index and launch a query.

Business security

  • Compatible with Windows Access Rights
  • SSL and internal encryption
  • Internal index hosting
  • Offline activation