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Why Copernic Search Tools Are the Ultimate Solution for Finding Your Files

Desktop and network search tools enable users to search for files, folders, and content stored within personal computers and business servers. These tools are designed to help quickly track down e-mails, web browser history, text documents, images, video, and sound files in ways that augment individual and collective productivity.

However, traditional file management environments are prone to problems such as program-data dependence, data redundancy and inconsistency, poor security, inflexibility, and data unavailability.

In order to deal with such problems, it is crucial to utilize the correct search tool. An ideal example is Copernic. In this guide, we explain why Copernic search tools are the ultimate solution for finding your files by exploring the major benefits, namely:

  • Accessibility to over 150 file types
  • Fast search capabilities
  • Offline search functionality
  • The ability to search in 11 languages
  • The presence of a network search component

Copernic Search Tools: The Ultimate Solution for Finding Your Files

Copernic offers desktop and business server search tools that are superior to others in the market. Our desktop search software offers depth, relevance, and context and ensures that users can conduct fast searches on the go. 

Our ability to innovate stems from the fact that Copernic has been operational for the last 27 years. As a result, we have continuously kept pace with the ever-changing technological landscape by becoming more innovative and adding more functionalities to suit modern search needs for the public and private sector markets.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Copernic Search Tools

Before we look at the factors that make Copernic stand out, it is important to point out various challenges people encounter when finding files on their computers. 

  • Inefficiency: The first problem is that most devices’ search functionalities are slow and inefficient, meaning that users can miss some important files that they attempt to track down. Sluggish and inefficient devices can also return irrelevant results.
  • Data redundancy and inconsistency: Redundancy is the existence of similar pieces of data in several locations, while inconsistency occurs when similar data exists in multiple tables and in different formats.
  • Inability to search offline: Most search tools do not allow network users to track down files and data in offline mode. This is highly inconvenient and can lower workplace productivity.

That’s where Copernic comes in. Ours is a comprehensive solution that can maximize our users’ return on investment (ROI) both in the short- and long-run. Now, let us look at the top 5 reasons why Copernic is the ultimate solution for finding your files.

#1 Copernic Search Tools Will Find Files That Regular Searches Will Not 

Copernic’s desktop and business server search software can search over 150 file types, including proprietary formats used by specialized software, making it a market leader. This is because we have access to a powerful indexing technology (Copernic’s advanced keyword map) that can access any kind of information on your computer.

As a result, you never have to miss any extension during a routine search, including .pst, .eml, .msg, .ai, .eps, and .cdr file extensions. In addition, this capability allows employees to examine text documents, e-mails, multimedia files, or cloud-based business information from shared servers. 

#2 Faster Searching

Copernic is also designed to provide lightning-fast search results even on slower or older computers. Once you start a search, the index-building process begins, and our software immediately displays the search results. The chief advantage is that the results generated align most with the user’s or employee’s keyword.

It is vital to add that Copernic also optimizes computer and server resources to minimize network slowdowns. As a result, regardless of the number of searches being undertaken at any given time, the process continues uninterrupted, thus improving individual and collective productivity.

#3 Offline Search

As we have already noted, most of the other search tools in the market do not allow network users to track down files and data in offline mode, which is inconvenient.

However, Copernic also has offline search capabilities that allow users to perform searches even when they are not connected to the Internet.

This functionality has been made possible because our software will typically index and store data on your local machine, meaning you can access e-mails, files, and documents regardless of your connectivity status.

Apart from easy access to content in offline mode, we also ensure that your search history is never transmitted over the Internet, enhancing security, and safeguarding sensitive information.

#4 The Ability to Search in 11 Languages

Copernic also supports up to 11 languages, enhancing the software’s superiority over regular search tools that often only support one or two languages. With this feature, you can search for files in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, or Korean.

This capability makes Copernic a valuable tool for users and employees with multilingual documents or files.

#5 The Presence of a Version for Searching Networks

Finally, Copernic allows you to search across multiple computers or servers on a network. This is one of the features that most businesses can leverage because our software can offer access to shared files across any network. Unlike regular search tools, Copernic can scan entire workplace networks and locate and index files across multiple devices through the Copernic Business Search feature.

Regardless of a worker’s skill level, they can leverage Copernic Business Server Search to track down any type of information on their desktops or from the company’s servers. Examples include Office files, text documents, Outlook e-mails and attachments, and multimedia files.

Transform Your File Searching Experience with Copernic Search Tools

In this guide, we have covered various pain points of finding files on a computer or server and discussed how Copernic alleviates these challenges.

There are three main takeaways from the article:

  • Traditional file management environments and most modern search tools are slow and inefficient. This makes them prone to ignoring important files and returning irrelevant results.
  • Data redundancy, data inconsistency, and the inability to search offline are some other challenges of using most of the search tools available in the market.
  • Copernic offers desktop and business server search tools that are superior to others in the market. The primary advantages of Copernic search tools are accessibility to over 150 file types, fast search capabilities, offline search functionalities, the ability to search in 11 languages, and the presence of a network search component.

If you wish to try Copernic search tools, we have a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. Looking for more information? You can also contact us directly