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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Shared Files: Copernic Desktop Search to the Rescue!

In the modern workplace, shared files number in the thousands. Employees are constantly swapping project files, text documents, reference images, and data reports. The need to send files from one person to another, and often to have those files on a local computer, is now endless. However, that also means that finding a specific shared file that you need, perhaps one shared weeks or months earlier, can be nearly impossible. 

Is the file in your downloads or unsorted documents? Was the document shared through the work cloud or sent to you directly?

Did you remember to place the file in a related category folder and, if so, which one? How many folders do you have? How deeply are they nested? How long would it take you to find one elusive file, especially if you don’t remember the exact date or title of the document?

Lost in the File-Folders: The Funhouse Maze of Shared Documents

Unless you have a particularly organized mind and document system, or an extremely robust company policy on file sharing, stuff gets lost. What’s worse, it gets lost in a half-organized way that made sense three months ago but is now four or five nested folders deep and you have no idea what exactly you were thinking when you filed it the first time.

But now, your colleague needs to reference a specific report, or you need the source-file for an already completed project, and…it’s in there somewhere.

You could spend the next two hours methodically combing through your file-folders. You could spend the next three hours waiting for Windows Explorer to search your entire drive for all the files that have a similar name (and with business files, they all have a similar name). Either way, you’ll be lost in the stacks like a document-based fun house until the file is found.

Unsure Whether There’s a Cloud Backup in Company Documents

Many companies today also have a cloud-based document manager that hosts several active or archived files used by employees. But when looking for an elusive shared file, cloud resources only complicate matters. If there’s a chance that a link to the cloud file was shared instead of a document on your desktop, then can more than double your total search potential.

If the document was stored in the cloud, or a backup of it, would it be in the project files or the team/department’s files? Did the file originally belong to the person who shared it, or were they sharing a linked file shared with them? If you asked, would they even remember or be just as in-the-weeds as you because the file was shared ages ago?

With the limited search functionality of most cloud document storage, this leaves employees even more lost looking for a specific once-shared file.

Copernic to the Rescue: A Desktop Search that Works

The best solution to the chaos that can come from professional file sharing, and occasional file retrieving, is an integrated desktop and cloud search feature. Copernic, named for the astronomer who revolutionized thought about the organization of the universe, is a powerful file search system using advanced, active indexing to provide rapid and accurate file search results.

In other words, Copernic can find the file you’re looking for, no matter how deeply it is nested or which keyword matches the title and contents. Copernic uses an advanced keyword map to build dynamic indexes during a search. This means the search feature gets more efficient as it is used, and it functions locally even when employees are offline or away from the business network.

Expand Your Desktop Search to Your Personal Cloud

Using features like Microsoft OneDrive, many modern professionals have split their storage between cloud and local storage, but it all functions as desktop storage and either location could be the hiding place of shared files. Copernic can search any file system that the user currently has access to, which includes your personal and shared cloud file storage.

If you need to search your OneDrive or other synced file systems in search of a shared file, you can easily expand your search and build a more comprehensive search index. When you need to search the same locations for future shared files, the search process will be even more efficient, using indexes that were built during previous searches.

Connect to the Business Network or Cloud Search Index

If your business has integrated Copernic search indexing, you can continue searching for shared files in your business’ networked file storage and in the business cloud. Together, Copernic’s robust search features make it possible to find lost files shared between coworkers no matter when or where the file was shared. If a matching keyword is given, then the file will eventually be found.

Copernic can search vast desktop, network, and cloud file storage systems at lightning speed, saving professionals hours of combing through possible file locations to find one specific file or folder of documents. Copernic makes it easy to find shared files using keyword mapping and self-indexing search features.

See Your Desktop Search Results Appear in Real-Time

Lastly, you don’t have to wait for Copernic to search the entire possible scope of file locations. The search will start with the most likely locations and present possible matches in real-time while the search continues. This means professionals don’t have to wait through the entire search delay to find what they need if the file is present among earlier results. 

Seeing the results appear can also inspire the searcher to refine their search, use more precise keywords, or remember the exact name of the file, which can point Copernic in the right direction to produce the lost shared file with even greater speed and accuracy.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Shared Files

With a comprehensive file search function, you don’t have to reorganize your deeply nested shared files and folders. Copernic will put access to previously shared files at your fingertips. You can look up all of a particular type of report, no matter when it was shared with you, or pull all the images of a file type on your system. You can reference old projects for their key data, pull every chart you ever made, or compile source documents from a dozen projects at once.

Not only will you be able to find one missing file, but you will also be able to turn your deep well of shared files into a real resource, not just a labyrinth of nested folders.

Try Copernic for Free

Dig into your desktop and discover everything you’ve lost there with Copernic’s self-indexing search feature. Whether you have a single missing file or need a dynamic searching solution that will pull files in any category you indicate, Copernic will find it. Try Copernic Desktop or Server Search today for 30-days for free and start finding your files quickly!