how to search for a file

Lost in your own computer? Here’s how to search for a file.

Using Copernic to search for files is meant to be easy and intuitive. The steps below outline the process for a basic and simple search.

  1. Open Copernic Desktop Search. This will open the main page of Copernic and will look like the image below.
  2. Choose the search category by clicking the corresponding category icon. By hovering over the icon, the software will display the search category if needed. If you aren’t sure of the file type, the default search is all files (the computer image in the first position of the category icons). A blank search will display all files that have been indexed.
  1. Type the keywords in the Search Box. These can be file name, name of sender or creator, or even a unique word you know is in the file name or file content.
  1. Press the Enter key or click the Search button to launch the research.

If you’d like to refine your search with more specific details, the main page has some default refinement options. You may also add a refinement to this page using the drop-down menu, selecting the refinement you’d like, and the orange +

The search category pages have different refinement options; the main page is the only section where you are able to add a custom refinement.

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