disable certain file types

Question from the Forum: Is there a way to disable certain file types from being indexed?


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Problems, issues, and questions also trigger a ticket with our internal system which our Technical Support team and programmers will see and give response. Today’s blog post comes from a forum question “… Is there a way to disable certain file types from being indexed, e.g., .JPG files.” 

On the main page of the software, open Tools 

From there, select Options 

Click on Advanced 

In the File Types menu, scroll to find the file type you would like to remove (in this case, JPEGs,) highlight it, and click Remove 

To save this change, select Back to main menu and quit the program entirely. When you reopen the program, the file type you’ve removed will no longer be indexed. You may re-add it at any time by repeating the process, clicking the Add button, and inputting the file type you would like to include.