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Search Software Security and Privacy: Copernic Achieves Optimum Safety 

These days, everyone and their grandparent uses computers. Unfortunately, not as many people use search software. For those who don’t use search software, you’re missing out! There are many reasons it’s crucial to implement search software into your day-to-day life.  

As of now, you probably spend hours searching for the file you need. That is, if you don’t have a search software installed on your computer. It’s incredibly difficult to find the file you’re looking for, which can lead to slow search times—and a lot of wasted time. Choosing Copernic as your search software is the best choice because it is not only an extremely simple and powerful search software, but also safe. 

Search Software Security is #1 with Copernic 

When you’re looking for computer search software to streamline your search experience, you might find different programs that seem unsafe, programs that look like they’d compromise your privacy. We understand it can be anxiety-inducing to find a program that’s right for you, your business, or your family. That’s why Copernic was created: to bring you a computer search program that’s incredibly secure. 

Copernic prioritizes your time, safety, security, and convenience. Our software is committed to making things easier for people who use computers. No matter what kind of files you choose to index on your computer, we’ll keep it safe. When it comes down to it, you need to use software that prioritizes your security and privacy, like Copernic.  

Copernic Eliminates the Risks of File Processing 

Sometimes, you must process files via an external network. You might not know that when you do this, you’re at risk of having your data stolen. Processing files over external networks has risks, but when you utilize Copernic, the indexation process will not be what puts your network at risk. Our desktop search does a thorough job of searching your files and locally stored data, but we never let that information leave your computer. 

There’s No Revealing Information Generated About Your Files 

Certain competing computer programs may engage in activities that could compromise your data when they generate information like tags, identification of people, and more. Here’s a common example: on your computer, if your photographs are stored in a certain application, the company that runs the application might automatically sift through your photographs and determine who is in your photographs. From this information, the app might automatically make photo albums filled with pictures of each person the app detects. 

This might seem convenient, but this simply means you are making your data public. When companies go through your files like this, it is possible your information will be sold to other companies, and that you’ll be targeted through other platforms, because of the data that was sold.  

With Copernic, we ensure that your files are never automatically tagged in any way. Because of this, you can always trust that your files are safe. You shouldn’t have to worry about privacy when you have computer search software installed on your computer. 

Privacy is Always Our Priority 

As we’ve alluded to, other companies may not care about your safety and privacy. At Copernic, we truly do. That’s why we respect the privacy of your data—we never transmit any personally identifiable information. When you use Copernic, you can rest assured that all your information will be safe. As far as we’re concerned, your data is your data. There’s no reason for us to give it to anyone else or store it, so we don’t.  

You Can Control Your Settings 

If you’re working for a large company where many different employees can utilize the computers, you might not want certain information to be included in the indexing process. With Copernic, you can change your settings, so that whatever private information needs to be excluded from your indexing, can be. You can change your settings at any time, so you always have the flexibility and the safety that you need. No matter what kind of privacy settings you want to put on your computer, Copernic allows you to use them. 

Regular Updates Ensure Optimum Safety 

If applications and software are not frequently updated, it’s likely there will eventually be a security breach. Copernic understands that safety comes only when software is frequently updated, so we are committed to patching any security issues, fast. We are always looking to see how we can make Copernic safer for our users. Our team is always on top of any issues that could lead to a compromise in security in the future. 

Only the Files Users Have Access to Will Be Displayed 

With Copernic, CSS uses active directory server rights so that only the files certain users have access to will be displayed on their computer screen. This feature is of great value in a corporate environment and, although some other search software companies are unable to do so, we believe it is of the outmost importance and is why we include it in our Copernic Server Search solution. 

Ready for Safety and Security? Try Copernic. 

We’ve been over a few ways that Copernic prioritizes safety and privacy for its users. When you’re utilizing computer search software, there are a lot of qualities the program should have. Most importantly, the program should be incredibly safe, because your data is important, and it should be private. In short, Copernic is so simple, even your grandparents can use it. And so secure, you’ll let them.  

If you’re ready to start using a protected computer search platform, Copernic might be the choice for you. Plus, we offer unrestricted access to our Copernic Desktop or Business Server Search programs for free, for 30-days. There’s no reason not to try Copernic. Get your free trial, today!