Copernic for students

Copernic for Academics and Students: How Our Desktop Search Helps Researchers 

Whether you’re an undergraduate student or an independent researcher with a Ph.D., it is never easy to complete an in-depth research project, let alone with a conventional in-computer desktop search. When you use the search function that’s built into your computer, it can be tedious to find what you’re looking for, and anyone who does extensive research knows it’s crucial to find what you’re looking for, fast. 

Researchers, students, and academics have the potential to change the world. Research matters—your research matters—so why settle for a desktop search that will hinder your progress, instead of propelling you forward. Opting for Copernic is the best choice for researchers because with our Desktop & Cloud Search is easy, streamlined, intuitive, fast, and powerful. Let’s discuss information about Copernic as it relates to research and academia. 

What Are the Issues Academics Run into with Traditional Searches? 

Oftentimes academics have thousands of articles on their computer. No matter what subject you’re focused on, whether it’s in the humanities, medicine, law, or any other field of interest, you need to read, consult, and consider vast amounts of literature for proper research, so files will accumulate fast. In addition, you might have images and primary documents saved on your computer. These are especially important, and if you lose them, you could compromise your research. You don’t want that. 

Therefore, many academics encounter delays because they have so many files, and they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly resulting in misplaced files or missed deadlines because they can’t find the right content they needed. Think about it this way: if you have 30 articles or 100 images by the same author, it’s going to be hard to find the file you’re looking for. However, with Copernic, these issues go away because our search function is equipped to parse through tens of thousands of files. Let’s discuss how Copernic can help academics in more detail. 

How Can Copernic Make Research Easier for Academics?  

Stop Wasting Time 

Academics have busy schedules. So, it is incredibly frustrating when you have to spend hours of your time searching through files to find the one you’re looking for. Copernic is an empowering software for people in academia because it allows you to have more time to do what you need to do for work. It is not productive when you’re wasting your time searching through files on your desktop. Instead of searching, start writing your dissertation, get ahead on a research project for a publication, or conduct research in the lab.  

You Don’t Have to Remember File Names 

If you’re a researcher, you already have to remember a lot of different things. Between preparing for presentations, getting ready to lecture a class, and all the other things you must do, you don’t have time to remember file names as well. Copernic allows you to search without knowing the exact file name you’re looking for. With this feature, you’ll be able to remember the things that matter, and you don’t have to worry about remembering menial things, like file names. 

Lost Files Will Be a Thing of the Past 

Research is unique because sometimes you’ll be working with one-of-a-kind images and files that cannot be found on the internet or in common places. Therefore, you need to be sure you never lose a file, because if you do, you could compromise finishing your research project. With Copernic, we will make it simpler to stay on top of all your files, because our search function is streamlined, thorough, and efficient. Therefore, you’ll never lose a file because with our in-depth search function, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for every time. 

You Can Search Through Many File Types 

Whether you’re working with PDFs, Word Documents, Photoshop files, or other unique file types, Copernic can search through it all. Instead of having to manually search through all your PDFs, and then through each additional file type, Copernic allows you to search through over 170+ file types all at one time. Doing this will save you time and it will make your research much easier. 

Affordability is Always Our Goal 

It can get expensive to work in academia. You must pay to travel to conferences, order books, and to fund your fieldwork. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying large sums out of pocket to use file-searching services. Copernic is committed to keeping the price of our services low. This way, you never have to worry about paying astronomical prices for our desktop search programs. We are committed to keeping our services accessible because everyone in academia or research fields should be able to use fast file-searching software like Copernic. 

Academics and Researchers, Use Copernic for Efficiency and Ease 

We’ve discussed some issues academics face without Copernic, and all the ways that Copernic makes researching easier for people in academia. Now that you’re familiar with how Copernic research tools can help, you’re ready to invest in an academic search software that will help make your research simpler. The perks that come with installing Copernic are endless, so don’t miss out on our software which is perfect for those in school, those who teach, or those who are doing elaborate research projects. Try it risk free for 30-days and see how Copernic can speed up your searches and find the files you need – fast!