Not even Santa wants to check his list twice! How can Copernic help?


Maintaining hundreds of years of data is probably one of the most difficult tasks for the Clauses and the elves. As technology has grown, they’ve moved from paper lists and letters to spreadsheets and emails. The need to have a well-oiled system remains the same for the youngest generation.  

Copernic’s search solutions can help them track their Naughty and Nice lists, Reindeer feeding schedules, and any gift requests they’re looking to fulfill. Our Server Search allows for multiple elves and Mrs. Clause to access files stored on the North Pole server. It also includes all the features of our Elite Desktop & Cloud Search solution so they can access files on individual computers and Cloud storage systems.  

The Naughty and Nice lists have been moved to spreadsheets to keep everyone up to date on who is on what list. Now, the elves can type the name of the requestor into the search to determine which list they’re on, or they can search for the list in its entirety by typing “Naughty” or “Nice” into the search bar.  

Taking care of the reindeer is also seamless as each reindeer can have her own file with feeding schedule, preferences, and other pertinent data. Using Copernic search tool can help compile all that information in one area when making adjustments and changes to the main file.  

Letters that are sent to Santa, either by email or post can be stored digitally. Copernic’s Image Recognition can locate words in images or documents. If Santa wants to know how many of a particular item he needs to procure, he simply needs to input that phrase or word into the search bar. Files, emails, and images that contain the word or phrase will be located quickly.   

Keeping data organized and easy to find is of the upmost importance to the North Pole and to anyone with multiple responsibilities. To add our products to someone’s stocking this year, visit our website to determine which solution works best for those on your gift list!