Which Copernic Solution is Best for those on your Holiday List?  


Are you heading home this holiday season? While you are there, will you be assigned technical support duties to help your family with their computer needs? Kill two birds with one stone by giving them Copernic Desktop & Cloud Search! Below, we are highlighting which solution is best for the people on your shopping list.  

For the student, our Basic solution can help search their assignments in Office Suite, communication in Outlook, and on the Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive). As they navigate their studies, they will not have the added stress of searching for missing files.  

Our Advanced solution is great for the readers on your list! Not only does it support everything in our Basic version, it can also search E-Books. Trying to find a particular phrase from a book is quick and efficient with Copernic. This solution also includes Outlook 365, PDF Archive, WordPerfect, and Thunderbird and Eudora.  

Our Elite package includes all Advanced features and has something for everyone! Anyone who communicates through Teams, uses file hosting in SharePoint, designing with Photoshop, or even drawing and modeling with AutoCAD will benefit from this tier.  If you work on a computer, you can find what you are looking for with Elite.  

We all have that difficult to shop for person on our list. Let Copernic Desktop & Cloud Search help you help them with a fast and efficient tool to improve their daily routine.