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Say Goodbye to Lost Emails with Outlook Search: Copernic Finds Emails within Seconds!  

You’re furiously searching every nook and cranny of your Outlook inbox to find that one email you need. It seems to have evaporated into thin air. This is an all-too-common scenario that you can probably relate to. Despite technological advancements, email is still one of the most widely used communication tools, especially within businesses and organizations.  A recent study shows there are over 4 billion email users worldwide, with more than 3 billion emails sent and received each day. These numbers come as no surprise since the average person sends and receives over 100 emails daily.  

How are you supposed to sort through hundreds, if not thousands, of emails to find a specific message or attachment? It is a daunting task, and with only basic tools such as Outlook Search, that email may be lost forever. The good news is that Copernic Search is designed specifically to find even the hardest files in seconds. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges of finding emails and how Copernic Desktop and Business Server Search can save the day. 

Why Can’t You Find That Email with Outlook Search?  

You would think that you could find any email in Outlook with its native search function. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the reason is that Outlook search is a basic tool with severely limited functionality. Here are the most common issues with Outlook search that can make it impossible to track down an email that you know exists.  

  • Basic search functions - Outlook search does not offer advanced search and refinement options. This means you must use generic keywords, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. The inability to refine and filter your search can be incredibly frustrating when sifting through thousands of emails.  
  • Limited scope – Outlook search can only access data within Outlook. This means it cannot search on your computer or network drives. It can’t even access shared emails without proper credentials, which can be cumbersome.  
  • No search history - You cannot revisit or save old search queries for later. Each time you begin a search, you must start from the beginning.  
  • Corruption - Due to the high volume of data, Outlook’s indexing can corrupt. This means that even if you are typing in the correct keywords, the email or attachment is not indexed correctly, so it will not appear in the search results.  
  • Misplacing files - When dealing with high volumes of data, it can be easy to forget where an attachment is. For example, maybe you thought it was in your Outlook, but it was on the company’s server. 

Repercussions of Not Being Able to Find Emails 

Not being able to find emails is more than just an aggravation. Lost emails affect workflow in the following ways: 

  • Costs valuable time that is better used on other tasks 
  • Results in duplication when the same information must be sent more than once 
  • Valuable information may not be recovered that is pertinent to a project 
  • Decreases efficiency when you must waste time searching for emails and attachments 

Copernic is the Email Tracker You Need 

Searching for emails should not be the most notable part of your day. You need a solution that is fast, accurate, and secure. Copernic search is all of these and more. Introducing cutting-edge software that is specifically designed to find files on your desktop, the cloud, and company servers.  

Two Versions of Copernic Search to Fit Your Needs 

Copernic search is available in two versions, depending on your needs. The first is the Desktop & Cloud Search, which is ideal for individuals or small businesses that need to maximize efficiency. The second version is Copernic’s Business Server Search. This is a great option for medium to large businesses that store data over large servers that are accessed by multiple teams and departments.  

Benefits of Copernic Search 

Waste less time looking for emails with Copernic Search, which can find the emails and files you are looking for in a matter of seconds, not minutes, and certainly not hours. The most popular benefits include: 

  • Comprehensive search - You never have to worry about misplacing a file. Copernic smartly searches your email, hard drive, and network to find the file you need.  
  • Access shared emails - Easily access group emails without jumping through the hoops of complicated delegate access. 
  • Advanced search features - Refine and filter your searches to render the most relevant results.  
  • Powerful indexing technology – Easily find files that are buried in shared servers or are otherwise difficult to find. 
  • Go offline – Be productive even when you’re offline. Users can still mine emails, files, and documents that are on their hard drives.  
  • Optimizing resources - Copernic smartly optimizes resources to ensure minimal disruptions on your computer and network.  
  • Extensions - Almost two dozen available extensions allow you to use Copernic search within a variety of programs, including Outlook.  
  • Hard-to-find files - Copernic search indexes over 170 file types, meaning you can easily find even the hardest file extensions.  
  • Automatic search - Copernic begins its search as soon as you start typing. This means you can hone in on the files you need faster.  
  • State-of-the-art algorithms - Robust algorithms render results that most closely align with the keywords entered into the search bar. 

Experience the Freedom of Copernic for Free 

Endlessly searching for emails using Outlook search is a huge waste of time and decreases productivity. The solution is Copernic, one of the most trusted search software that puts every file at your fingertips.  

Available in 11 languages and in an easy-to-use format, you can have Copernic search up and running in no time. See for yourself the Copernic difference. Try Copernic search for free and never lose an email or file again.