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Finding Files Fast and Easy: How Enterprise Search Solutions Make Your Life Easier 

No matter what organization you’re a part of—whether you’re in education, affiliated with the government, or working in the construction industry—your company can benefit from utilizing the right enterprise search solutions. With thousands of files on your company computer and many more on the company server, employees are all too familiar with the hassle of trying to navigate the sea of files. 

At present, it might be the status quo for you to search through thousands of files on your company computers, but with Copernic, this could change. Forget frustrating searches, and get acclimated to having a simple, quick search experience. With Copernic’s seamless business server search solution at your fingertips, you can easily find what you’re looking for. 

Let’s discuss some issues that come when you don’t use Copernic and use outdated network servers instead. Then, we’ll discuss how using a proper company enterprise search like Copernic Business Server Search will make your life easier. 

What Issues Come with Performing Searches Using Network Servers? 

For many companies, it has become protocol for employees to look for files on network servers. Essentially, what this means is that whenever an employee needs to find an important document, they’ll have to search the entire network server, with minimal options for refinement. This comes with challenges, like the following issues. 

It’s Hard to Get Specific Results: In many industries, you’ll find that you’ll complete several drafts of the same document. So, for example, you might search the title of a document on a traditional network server search and find that multiple options come up. This is complicated when there are tens or hundreds of copies of a file. With Copernic, you can get more specific with your search results, which will allow you to find things faster. 

Sometimes You’ll Need Internet Connection: Depending on the search feature that is set up on your company’s computers now, you might need to be connected to the internet to successfully find what you’re looking for. Copernic understands that it’s not always possible for you to be connected to the internet, so our search features work with or without internet access—even when you’re traveling and working. 

Safety Ccan be Compromised: In a world where hackers and other cybersecurity threats are of growing concern, you don’t want your search software to leave you and your data vulnerable causing your team more harm than good. Copernic takes safety very seriously. Our software is downloaded to your device. Your indexes are stored locally. Any cloud connections are done in line with the sources APIs and then store locally too. We aren’t here to put your data and your company at risk—we’re just here to make searching easier for you. 

Interface is Hard to Navigate: Whether you must type in confusing commands or deal with a UI  that is simply clumsy, search network servers can get complicated and frustrating. You shouldn’t have to spend hours of your day trying to figure out how to get to the file you need. Copernic is committed to providing our customers with a search interface that’s simple to navigate. When you use Copernic, you use a software that makes your day a little bit simpler. 

What Makes Copernic’s Services for Businesses Stand Out from the Rest? 

Now that you’re more familiar with some of the common issues that come with traditional network server searches, let’s talk more about the perks of Copernic. You know that Copernic can alleviate many of the challenges that come with other search functions, but here are a few more reasons that Copernic search programs are leaders within the industry: 

We Offer Flexibility:  Every company is unique with  unique needs. Whether one user is using Copernic, or 1000+ users’ company-wide, there are pricing plans that will work for you. You shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant rates if you’re a smaller company, and you should receive a fair price if you’re a larger company with many users. Small and large companies alike will benefit from our fair and flexible pricing. 

Searching Multiple File Types is Easy: These days, you shouldn’t expect to only work with PDFs or Word documents. In a modern world, you’re going to use a lot of modern files. Copernic allows users to search for 170+ file types, which makes it simple to complete thorough searches that always turn up exactly what you’re searching for. 

Multiple Languages Available: We live in a global world, so we believe it’s crucial for our software to be accessible to people across the world. Whether you’re an English speaker, a German speaker, a Portuguese speaker, or a Korean speaker, you can use Copernic. Our software can be operated in 11 languages, so most of your employees will be accommodated with this wide selection of languages available. 

You Won’t Have to Wait Long: Our software is responsive and able to present results fast, even before you finish typing, Copernic will begin to show you relevant results that respond to your search query. In a way, Copernic reads your mind, because even if you’re only four or five letters in, it can sometimes present you with the information that you need. 

Operating Other Programs Concurrently is Simple: Copernic users are users who get things done. We know that our clientele is productive, so you can surely operate other programs while you run Copernic. Copernic can be configured to only takes up a little bit of your computer’s resources when you are working, or you can unleash its full indexing power while away from your desk to keep you up to date.  

Ready to Install the Future of Business Searches? Choose Copernic Business Server Search. 

You can’t stand still when you’re running a company in the 21st century—you can’t settle for antiquated enterprise search solutions. Copernic stands out from the competitors because we are committed to making searches easier, faster, and more practical. Instead of settling for spending your days frustrated because you can’t find what you need, choose Copernic. When you install Copernic, you’ll save yourself time and frustration. Try our Copernic Business Search software free for 30 days and see how enterprise search solutions make your life easier.