Copernic support

2Checkout (2CO) myAccount VS Copernic support account 


What is the Copernic support account? 

The Copernic support account is a secured support account that gives you access to our dedicated help team through support ticket, knowledge base, FAQs, tips and tricks and community forums. 

Your Copernic Support account can be found by following this link., Once you are on the log in page, you may log in using the credentials you created when you made your initial order. If you don’t have those handy, you may follow the prompts after selecting “Forgot your password?” 

Once logged in, visit the “Knowledge base” to browse our collection of articles and FAQs. Our forums section connects you to other members of the Copernic community. You may also check on existing tickets you’ve created with us, or submit a new ticket.  

What is 2CO myAccount? 

2CO myAccount is a secured customer service that centralizes all the shopping activity for the users who have purchased software or services from 2Checkout. 

With myAccount you can: 

  • View order details and keep track of your online orders status 
  • Gain instant access to your online shopping history 
  • Re-download keys/codes* and download invoices 
  • Manage your subscription payments 
  • Renew the subscription of the purchased software when it expires 
  • Find support contact details such as phone and email addresses of software publishers 
  • Download the installation files of the purchased software 

For help with your 2CO myAccount, please visit the following link

Go to your Avangate (2Checkout) client Account from Copernic Desktop Search : 

  • Click on Extensions menu item in the application menu. 
  • Find the My account link located on the right side of each extension in the extension list. 
  • Click on the link. 
  • A web page will open in your default web browser to display the Avangate client account login page. 

If you have questions about your account or your Copernic experience and aren’t sure where to go, you can reach us at We will be happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with the appropriate resource.